Laneige Homme Blue Energy Essence In Lotion 125ml

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Anti-aging essence-in-lotion that treats the four signs of stressed skin and provides intensive care to create clean and supple skin

Blue Energy Essence In Lotion
Anti-aging essence in lotion that cares for 4 types of skin stress in men and focuses on healthy and clean skin with a Soft texture and refreshing fragrance

Contains Deep Sea Water 75.8%
It contains 75.8% of deep ocean water that has been kept in the deep sea for a long time and keeps the skin clean and clear.

4X Multi Function
Among men's major skin stress factors, lack of moisture, lack of vitality, lack of elasticity, and fine wrinkles are intensively treated to create healthy and clean men's skin.

Upgrading Youthful ForceTM
Essence in lotion with deep sea water that adds vitality to skin and Spirulina extract, which has long maintained strong vitality, provides healthy and clean men's skin.

Soft texture and refreshing fragrance
The moist, soft texture and citrus spicy flavor give a clear and refreshing feeling every time you use the product.

How to use
After using the morning and evening skin, apply the appropriate amount to the palm of your hand. Apply gently from inside to outside depending on the texture of the skin.