Mamonde Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner 150ml

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Fully hydrated skin, like having an ampoule massage every day offering hydration that’s on another level. Replenishes dry skin with moisture equivalent to the level of daily ampoule use.

Narcissus bulb extract
Enhanced hydration with the capability of narcissus bulb to retain and circulate moisture.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid
Deep and dense hydration through the finely processed low molecular hyaluronic acid!

Mamonde Water CycleTM Long-lasting hydration!
Moisturizing energy of the narcissus keeps your skin moisturized longer.

The formula turns into water on the skin to instantly deliver moisture into the stratum corneum.
Aquaporin extracted from the Narcissus Erlicheer bulb delivers moisture deeply and thoroughly into the skin. The extract from the Narcissus Dutch Master bulb helps skin to retain moisture without evaporation.

floral hydro ampoule toner image